The Andromeda Strain PDF Download

By: Michael Crichton
Relase Date: 1969-05-12
Genre: High Tech, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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I’ve read this book several times now and still enjoy the heck out it. a fascinating premise, alien life forms returning on spacecraft. As with all of the late Michael Crichton’s books, always interesting, always entertaining. A classic sci-fi read.
by: Am book reader

In terms of end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it tales, this one still holds up to a frighteningly realistic and plausible scenario, all told with the realism and "did it REALLY happen? Is this NOT fiction?" questioning that Michael Crichton's best books evoke.
by: Spinnin' Wheeler

The first half of the book was really exciting. However, it did trail off the excitement path a little in the second half. Nevertheless, it was a good a mystery and kept me hooked. I enjoyed it.
by: Hdhxydhanks72625191

What a great book. The form of the book is really underrated. It functions like an experimental novel yet has the motor of a thriller. Perfection.
by: Ralphadelic

I absolutely could not put this book down!
by: XTychicusx

With a few exceptions, this book holds up quite well in the decades since it was first published. A thrilling, well-written story.
by: JFL89

One of the best stories ever told.
by: fr0stbyt