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By: Steve Thomas & Donald A. Davis
Relase Date: 2011-04-01
Genre: True Crime, Nonfiction

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To Det. Steve Thomas: I truly believe that your courage in writing this book has given Jonbenet Ramsey the justice she deserves. God bless you.
by: IcyDay37

Innocent parents talk to police after their daughter is murdered- bottom line. John and Patsy Ramsey must be the first couple in history who didn't talk to police after the murder of their daughter. But I guess when you are guilty and you can't take accountability you have to avoid police, lie and play games to get away with it. I just want to commend this detective for standing up for true justice. It's hard to leave your job and it's hard to stand up to the upper class sometimes. This is further proof that the murderer of Jonbenet was her family. This detective gave us all what we deserve - an insiders look at the disgusting pathetic ridiculous game the Ramsey's played to get away with a homicide. This case makes me so angry because they got away with it! I am 1000% sure that John and Patsy Ramsey covered up her murder and wrote that ransom note. One criminal profiler refused to be hired by the Ramsey's because he knew it was them.
by: gb0923

This is a candid and riveting account of one of the most high profile botched investigations in American history - Thomas's passionate stance on this murder mystery as you turn the pages of this detailed account of what the police think really happened to Jonbenet Ramsey. I definitely recommend this book to true crime enthusiasts.
by: ReleaseNYC

Excellent tell of events from one of the detectives whom sought justice for little Jonbenét.
by: Terrilynn007

Good and interesting story. Would give 5 star except at times it jumps around to much.
by: Lost circus hd

Written!!! It's an awful tragedy but thankfully there are cops out there that care enough to fight for what's right! Great book!
by: KaydenAbes

Having been in law enforcement for a number of years, I have a solid understanding of Criminal Procedure. What is detailed in this book is nothing short of criminal on the part of the DA's Office in Boulder Co. This book keeps the pages turning easily and it revealed a great deal of inside information as well as to why certain things happened. The book greatly explains the case inside and out. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is slightly interested in the case that did and still does captivate the world! Great job Steve!
by: GaCop