The Other Woman PDF Download

By: Sandie Jones
Relase Date: 2018-08-21
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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Such a waste of money. Disappointed this was on Reese's list!!
by: Luvtiread

Definitely a page turner throughout and was hard to put down. The ending though seemed rushed and was not super clear....had to read the ending twice. But would still recommend
by: Arnies volunteer

What a wonderful read & page turner. This story was not what I expected when I began reading and the ending just needs to read for yourself!
by: Nanadi43

It’s a love/hate relationship and I think most people can relate on some level.
by: dancemomnc

I wanted to like this book. However, the character of Pammie was just so ridiculous.
by: Crewp

I can’t believe a woman created this group of pathetic characters. A tangle of weak people who could never accept or act upon the truth. An ending that makes it all worse - who cares about unrealistic, far too cheap 'twists'. This story should have ended at the beginning. A step backwards.
by: xxjjnono

Excellent book!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, kept my interest. I do hope that the author will write more books. Thank you for providing me a wonderful time to get lost in your mind and soul. Marci Clark
by: Reikokitamurs