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Not my favorite Sandford book, and I have read every one. Virgil was made to appear as a Barney Fife character (bumbling idiot) Way too many pages about gun information, who cares? Goofy story line, did John really write this book? Hard to believe he did. Don' waste your money like I did.
by: S diggy

For the most part a good read. Not quite up to par as far as Virgil stories. Too many non-character characters. I read in my spare time, so rarely more than a chapter or two at one sitting, so I found the whole story a bit too tangled.
by: EMuench

I usually love Virgil Flowers books but this one was slow, dragged and had way too thin a story line. I would skip this book and hope Sanford returns to form in the future.
by: Whickey58

I have read 41 of your books and liked the stories. I don’t remember in the previous books that there was as much really offensive language as in this one, even a nine year old swearing at the end. The language was distracting to the story. I have tried 4 times to put in a nickname but does not accept one and I don’t think they are already used. Why.
by: 75 plus

Not a lot of action. It was a little boring. Not like the usual Virgil Flowers novel.
by: Jsnsathya

This book marks the end of an era. Sadly, will never buy another John Sandford book.
by: Dsg357

Another terrific Vergil Flowers adventure!
by: KC4VJ