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By: Barbara Kingsolver
Relase Date: 2018-10-16
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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Found the book was very boring and so bias toward doom and gloom
by: Eaterp

Hoyooy la aanta aduunyadu Hubaashi hami Kama baxdeeno ruuxaad hagaysiyo Mid aad hogaamin haysaa dunida ugu horeeye ✈️🚊🚛🏍🚔🚟🛸
by: hibi hhh

While well written, Kingsolver took the opportunity to extoll her very liberal socialistic views on society. Throughout the book she references various topics like the the “Bullhorn” presidential candidate, Occupy Wall Street, Global Warming, the evil 1% and oppressed workers, the application for Medicaid benefits for foolish people who made bad life choices. I wish I could get my $15 back. I liked the flashback story and characters but found the present day characters to be pathetic. Good example of celebrity politics and so called influence.
by: Jack Mckenzie