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By: Stacey Lynn
Relase Date: 2018-01-09
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Romance

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Love the story, great steamy scenes. I would love to read a story to follow Trey, and Caitlin. Just a thought.
by: Supernurse13

Fake Wife by Stacey Lynn is a standalone romance told in dual POV. I was expecting this to be a fluffy romance, entertaining, hot, and fluffy. It was so much more. It has depth and emotion, humor and heat, angst and heartache. Teagan and Corbin's romance was sudden and unexpected and yet was so wonderfully perfect. I enjoyed every page of this romance and am surprised this is the first book I've red by this author. It won't be the last. Teagan has the worst day a person can have. Losing her job, finds boyfriend cheating, rear ends Portland's sexiest bachelor, and then he asks her to marry him. On the same day Corbin discovers a crazy clause in his beloved grandmother's will be gets rear-ended by the perfect candidate for the job. Be married within six months and stay that way for two years or everything goes to his father, whom he despises. Teagan is perfect the job, but then the line between them blurs and it seems his crazy grandmother is getting her wish after all. I thoroughly enjoyed AND devoured Teagan and Corbin's story! Enjoy!
by: @LisaHines711

The morning that Corbin and Teagan met, he learns that he has to get married in order to get his grandmother's house and she finds her boyfriend of more than 7 years with someone else and she got laid off from her job. Fate intervened to make sure that these two people who desperately needed one another, albeit for different reasons, would meet. Corbin needs a wife; Teagan needs a place to stay and money. I'm not usually a fan of insta-love stories but this one was perfect. Corbin and Teagan make sense and thankfully both of their lives fell apart so they could meet. I wasn't even expecting them to love each so completely so quickly. I loved everything about this books and all of the characters that were introduced. I can't wait to see what comes next for this series. *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
by: Laura__F

Corbin, one of Portland's sexiest bachelors, is a player. Never taking life too seriously and never committing to just one woman, unless it's his grandma. Corbin's grandma was the only woman in his messed up family to care for him. His dad fooled around and had another family on the side. His mom drowned her misery in alcohol and drugs. His grandma was his "everything", until she passed away. As a stipulation to her will, Corbin has to marry within six months and make a go of it for at least two years before he can claim his inheritance. Teagan, a college dropout who followed her boyfriend around the country has just had the worst day ever. She is let go from her job at the library due to cutbacks, only to return home early to find her boyfriend of seven years cheating on her. After packing all of her belongings into her car, she pulls out only to crash into Corbin. A crash that has the ability to change her life. Corbin and Teagan's story was refreshing, captivating, emotional, and funny. A true fairytale ending! I loved the friendship that developed between Corbin and Teagan. Teagan led a somewhat isolated life, but was quickly accepted by Corbin's friends. I can't wait to read their stories! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
by: Agent$$$$

Teagan’s day started awful and it’s only going to get worse. First she was laid off from her job at the library, due to cut backs. Then when she goes home in the middle of the day, she catches her boyfriend in bed with someone else. As she packs her clothes in a suitcase, and takes off, she gets into a car accident with Portland’s most eligible bachelor. See, worst day ever! Confronting him and apologizing, Teagan wonders how she’s going to pay for the damages. However, he’s not yelling at her, Corbin Lane is more concerned about her than his car. When he recommends they pull over and go to the nearby coffee house, Teagan can’t imagine things are going to go well. Corbin is currently mad at the world. He just buried his beloved grandmother that raised him, and then he was told the contents of her will. In order to get her home, he has to marry in six months and stay married for two years, otherwise, everything goes to his father. He doesn’t care about the money, but he can’t let his father take the home he grew up in and turn it into a mall. He needs to find a fake wife and fast. When he is rear-ended by Teagan, he sees it as a sign. She’s gorgeous and so honest that he makes her a proposition that he hopes she won’t refuse. Teagan has never been one to jump at any decision, however, she’s unemployed, homeless and broke, so she seriously considers Corbin’s offer. The last thing she expected was to start having feelings for him. This was a story well told with lots of sexy moments and swooning. I highly recommend this book.
by: Loves romance

Wow! Get ready for some serious fun, a whole lot of sweetness, and off the charts sexy in this incredibly entertaining story. This is the first story that I have read by Stacey Lynn and it definitely will not be my last. This was just so amazing and I feel blown away! Everything about this story was pretty perfect for me. The storyline and writing was fantastic. There were so many great details and moments that just filled me up. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them connect and learning their histories and similarities. Together they had such amazing interactions. I loved their playfulness and that building heat between the two. Their chemistry sizzled. There are ups and downs, tension and heat and it was great watching them work through their struggles as they figure everything out. FAKE WIFE was thoroughly captivating and I couldn’t put down, reading it in one sitting and keeping me in its’ spell for days afterwards. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
by: Astroyic

Charming and incredibly diverting, Fake Wife is the epitome of a heartfelt and romantic love story! After reading Filthy Player, I was instantly intrigued with the author. So reading Fake Wife was a no-brainer. The author takes the story of the prototypical fake relationship and makes it 100% her own. Apart from the steamy and erotic aspects, the book exudes a gamut of emotions within it’s pages. From heartbreak to happiness, sorrow to success, loneliness to love, each scene is marked with impassioned writing by the author. The characters’ chemistry is influential throughout the story, and brings a captivating and intense magnetism until the very end. The circumstances each character endures makes the story that much stronger, proving that simply loving someone might not be enough for a happily ever after. Great love stories have one thing in common: the author’s exquisite ability at storytelling. Fake Wife transforms from a simple love story to one that enraptures readers with it’s emotion, conviction, and vitality. Beautifully penned, this book is an insta-must read, and one you won’t be able to put down. 5 Stars!
by: Kelly_BTC Blog