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By: Nana Malone
Relase Date: 2017-05-02
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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This is a Great book. I love this series by Nana Malone. Ransom Cox goes home after winning the cup to spend his day with the cup with his mom. Lexa Carlisle is back home trying to get over a bad break up and bad work experience. The two of them both liked each other in high school but they never admitted it to the other. Can they make it work. Will some secrets hurt their chances though. This is a great read.
by: tree7404

Cox meets his match & she doesn't play hockey! These two go way back but neither had enough confidence to pursue their attraction to one another. Now they are older, wiser and a tad bolder but relationship shy, lol. Enjoyed this addition to the series and I am looking forward to go this saga will process. I love the hook at the ending....shocking!
by: singneon

Watching Ransom overcome his abandonment issues while watching Lexa accept that Ransom is finally the right guy was a treat. These characters are so funny. And Ransom and his mom are adorable. Fun read!
by: Trenease

ansom is every girl dream guy, he is handsome, a great hockey player, and according to a tell all book he is very well endowed in more ways than one. But those things are not what are important to him, in fact they seem to be his curse and he thinks that the only thing he is good for is to be left behind. Having a long list of people that has abandoned or left him make him believes he does not deserve love, but that crush from High School & first crush will prove him wrong. Lexa returns home to sort her life and try to figure out why everything in her life imploded, not realizing that her dream guy, her Handsome Cox will give her the story of her life and will turn her life upside down. This is not your ordinary Coulter story. Ransom & Lexa have a ride full of surprises, bumps & bruises, heartache, lots of love, and very hot sexy passion. They will find love when they least expect it and both will find out that not all that is written, necessary is the truth.
by: Adin419

Props to Nana for giving us a hint that the famous Coulters might have some more family. I just never expected it to come this fast or be so good. Ransom brings the Coulters back down to earth and makes me wonder even more about Gramps and his back story. I liked that unlike the other Coulters, Ransom did not grow up in wealth. I also loved the love story. I would like to know how both of the main characters got their names. They are getting pretty weird in a cute sort of way. Both characters are going through some serious life changes and nursing a hell of a crush on the other that neither knows about.
by: nhelmo